Meet new people at home or solo traveling. Advice from a chatty introvert.

Great variety of tips to meet people for introverts who are traveling solo

Art of Being Fabulous


For a change, I’m doing a kind-of travel post, and Aldo will post his first recipe tomorrow! I spent a lot of time alone traveling to New York last year for probably a couple of months in total, over a nine-month period. As an introvert, I like spending time alone, but eventually, it’s nice to have someone to talk to, so I had to figure out ways to approach people. I’m a bit of an anomaly because I’m an introvert that talks a lot in social situations. But only when I’m comfortable, or had some wine, or as I used to call it, liquid courage. Being “on” sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted at the end, but I have met some amazing people that make it worth it.

Do you feel awkward around new people? Are you traveling alone? If you have trouble starting a conversation with new people or making…

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